Below are some accounts of real life clients I have treated through hypnosis. These are testimonies to the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

Simon Fisher (Northamptonshire) July 2009
Simon Fisher from Northamptonshire turned to Olney hypnotherapy after experiencing inhibiting anxiety and panic attacks which were severely impacting on his hobby and occupation of testing vintage vehicles and motorcycling. He developed a fear of driving on motorways which severely inconvenienced his travels and also developed a fear of flying his model air planes on the basis 'they would hit and kill someone'.

After four sessions of cognitive hypnotherapy, Simon was cured from his fears and phobias and was able to return to his hobbies with renewed enthusiasm.

John (Olney) June 2009
John, a respected resident of Olney, had a severe addiction to smoking. It was estimated that since he started smoking at the age of thirteen (In 2009 he was 66 years old), he had smoked up to 800,000 cigarettes.
After his initial free consultation, I started the first of therapy sessions and one hour later, he became a non-smoker. The therapy continued in subsequent visits to ensure he would never smoke again. It's no exaggeration to say, that his life has turned around.

Jean, Steven and Sarah
Jean was driving along a busy road but although she managed to stop when traffic suddenly halted ahead, the car behind her ran into her, resulting in whiplash. After recovering from her injuries, but still in pain, Jean tried to drive again, but felt anxious and panicky. She would 'flashback' to those brake lights ahead. Her sleep was badly disturbed and she felt depressed and in constant pain.
After visiting Olney Hypnotherapy, she was quickly de-traumatised, helped to rebuild her driving confidence and this in turn reduced her pain.

Steven was on his way home one night when he was beaten up by thugs. The police never caught them and this let him with panic attacks whenever he went outside alone. He had flashbacks during the day and nightmares at night. He lost his job and slipped into debt. On at least one occasion he considered ending his life. After the first hypnotherapy session, the flashbacks and nightmares receded. A special relaxation tape was made for Steven and three weeks later he was back in control and able to get on with his life.

Sarah was 45 years old when she sought help from John to overcome her fear of the dark and of confined spaces. Assessment revealed she had been sexually abused by her uncle who threatened to lock her in a cupboard. Though he was prosecuted, her trauma stayed. She had seen various therapists but hadn't been able to talk about it or deal with the flashbacks. The first session involved helping Sarah to feel more relaxed and develop a better sleep pattern. After the second session, the results were quite dramatic.
That evening she went home and for the first time, felt comfortable to talk to her partner about the things she had bottled up.

David, at the age of 12 got hooked on cannabis. Later in his life he moved onto cocaine and then ecstasy.
His addictions were induced by various issues, all of which needed addressing. After some difficult but rewarding sessions, six weeks later, David declared himself 'drug free', and he was—and still is!

Susie Adderson (real name) came to see me from North Crawley in Buckinghamshire. She was a lovely lady who had been involved with horses for 17 years. She was suffering from insomnia. Not being able to sleep can be debilitating in the extreme and is a serious medical condition. Using Hypnosis, it is essential to treat the cause and not the symptom and that is exactly what we did. As the forth session came to an end, relaxed but vibrant Susie couldn't thank me enough. She went home that evening, looking forward to a wonderful night's sleep and went to bed at 10pm. When she awoke the following morning after eight hours uninterrupted bliss, the first thing she did in her excitement was to telephone me. She woke me up—it was 6am!!!

Jane Thompson (surname changed) had tried everything to lose weight. Indeed, she had been to everyone and had no compunctions in telling me, I was her last hope.
After talking to her for 45 minutes, she informed me she weighed 17 stone 2 pounds and would love to be 11 stone again, as she was 10 years previously at the age of 30. Like most overweight people, she had some smart clothes in her wardrobe that she would love to wear again, and if she were 11 stone - she could.
So with that ideal weight fixed in her mind and a powerful image of her in a little black dress, we began her first session of therapy. Although weight was the presenting problem, there was a certain amount of 'Baggage' with several underlying factors that were to blame. These were all dealt with during the next four sessions, when her weight came tumbling down. She had begun to exercise and her mind and body had been educated to eat good, low-calorie nutritious food. Four months later later she returned for a 'top up' session, and it was a different woman who walked through the front door, just 13 pounds short of her ideal weight.

Suzanne Williams 2009
Suzanne Williams (surname changed) aged 50, lived in Surbiton, Surrey. She was very happy and loved her house, that was until the first rat appeared in her kitchen in September 2006.
During the following three years the situation became intolerable. Eliminating these vermin became a major priority and despite laying poison down, calling in pest control officers from the local council and private companies – the rats returned.
A small stream/drainage channel ran alongside the outer wall of her house, and it was thought by all concerned, the visitors were accessing the property from below the surface of the water. By early 2009, with no solution in sight, Suzanne was becoming very emotional and depressed. She took a week of work and headed for friends and relatives in Northamptonshire. It was here her sister recommended she make an appointment to see me. After a short discussion, it was obvious the rats were not a figment of a fertile imagination.
Imagination. That week I saw her for three sessions, by which time the fear of rats had gone completely and she returned home to Surbiton feeling very confident.
During her absence, an underwater channel had been discovered by the council, which had been blocked of. Although she caught sight of a rat one morning outside her back door, it had no effect on her whatsoever. After that, the uninvited guests disappeared.